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What is eShare?

Simple. Powerful. Effective. eShare! makes your marketing fly.

eShare! combines social media, personalized URLs and real-time analytics to deliver high performance and market reach!

We increase results. Period. Lower your funnel abandonment, boost customer retention and increase your overall conversion with eShare!. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) allows you to apply a variety of campaign enhancement layers giving you unparalleled results.

You’re probably wondering what’s the catch? None, it’s that simple:

  • No software installation required or extensive setup.
  • eShare! integrates seamlessly across multiple channels including print, email, social media and mobile.
  • No license fees, long-term contracts or software development costs.
  • It’s transparent to your clients and can be customized to match your corporate identity and brand.
  • Best of all, real-time analytics, and we mean real-time.

See what eShare! can do

“BMW is kicking the tires on a direct response campaign targeting luxury auto enthusiasts.”
– BrandWeek & MediaWeek

Who thought Real-Time Analytics could be a spectator sport?

What’s next? How do I sign up?

Just request a demo and you’ll be able to see a couple demo videos and our interactive voice response (IVR) demo. After that, somebody will contact you within one business day to take you through a live demo or you can call us at 800-593-1915 for immediate assistance.